Bio-Technology converts Waste to Wealth
(or how to return to nature what she gave us)

BIOSANITISER* is a 100% natural product to treat waste in line with nature’s laws and nitrogen/oxygen/carbon cycles, ensuring sustainability. The unique features of this process are:

    1.   No emission of gases, No leachate
    2.   No odour, inherent pesticidal character
    3.   Reduces Carbon dioxide in the ambient air
    4.   100% of end product is excellent manure/secondary
    5.   No power required, only air and sunlight
    6.   One-time investment, no recurring costs

The principle of operation is to enhance oxygenation for nature’s chemical processes. Over 3 to 4 months, it produces a bio-rich organic mass from solid waste which is excellent as manure or water from liquid waste, suitable for flushing, gardening, etc. This scheme complies completely with best environment practices since it restores the natural cycles of nitrogen/oxygen/ carbon, without any emission or contaminant as by-product.

The BIOSANITISER can be used for treatment of solid, liquid and medical waste. Application areas for treatment of sullage and sewage include housing societies, swimming pools, Garbage dumps, Food outlets, Hospitals, Canteens and Mass transit nodes.

By virtue of adhering to nature’s processes, operations are virtually free of maintenance and repetitive costs. The recycling system can be easily set up without any hi-tech, using standard low-cost construction material.

The following indicate size of recycling systems deploying BIOSANITISER.

    1.  Kitchen waste (family of 4/5): 0.2sq.m.area
    2.  Solid waste (1 ton): 200 sq.m. area
    3.  Liquid waste (100 KL): 50 KL volume

BIOSANITISER can be used to treat medical waste and arsenic contaminated water

* BIOSANITISER is produced by Dr Uday Bhawalkar, an IITB alumnus, after decades of researching with vermi-culture and related natural phenomenon. His PhD thesis on the subject was awarded a US patent jointly with IITB. It has been successfully tested on garbage, sewage, sullage and pests.

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